Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sunday Ride

I tell you what, it appears that the Sunday Bunny's float is fast becoming the 2nd most popular bunch ride - there have some big numbers turning up for the rides at 5:30am, and it looks like its just going to continue to get better!!

A big thanks to Thunder Hollows who did a bit of homemade eye surgery in the Bunny's carpark before we rolled out! Peter B and Thunder Hollows also got into a rather provocative discussion regarding carbon pump sizes and extentions - great humor for 5:30 in the morning! Jersey of the day has to go Peter B - would you like to be known as Fruity or Loopey on the blog??? Let me know.

Has anyone else noticed the strange growth that has been developing on Sweeny Todds face lately? I'm not quite sure what to make of it yet..... cheesy?? scarey??? hmmm... I don't know!
After Saturday's last place in the maccas kick, the Tandem Terrors made an attack from behind with about 500m to go and took out first place in the line on Sunday, complete with an impressive disembark from the Rear Terror before the bike rack!