Monday, December 6, 2010

The Crit That Never Was

Despite the near perfect conditions in Gladstone, it was a different story in Bundy for the Hinkler criterium. Bundy had received a pretty decent amount of rain over the Saturday nite which left their new crit course, somewhat under water.

Not waiting for the inevitable cancellation of the racing, the M1 crew did what all good roadies do and headed straight to the coffee shop. There was some major carb and fat loading happening at the brew shop with nachos, burgers, wedges and smoothies being had by most. The Bad Nite Bear was just about beside himself with all the food being eaten but contained himself for a banana sanga in the car on the way home!!! He did eventually crack and got some peanut brittle at the "ice-cream" stop at miriam vale on the way back.

Even though the racing was cancelled it was a great road trip - plenty of laughs, plenty of cream puffs and plenty of red snakes. The Big Boppa even got a lesson about the Cobb and Co on the way back!!