Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Split Pea Ride

For a few years now we've known them as Blue Thunder and The Tandem Terrors, but today for the first time in the bunch the Pea Pod riders turned into Split Peas! The Zulu's co-pilot (and better half!) Maree met up with the bunch at the Marina on her own bike!! I even got proof!! Well done Maree!!
It was a day of flats for the rest of us on the ride with myself, Mick and Fruit Loop all getting flats during the ride. Fruit Loops flat happened outside the Dept of Transport on Dawson Rd and the bunch actually pulled up - half of us in sprint gear! I think we should make a new bunch rule: If you get a flat within 500m of a designated sprint - especially when coffee is involved - the bunch should continue on and not wait!!!!! All those in favour......??

Good to see just about everyone - who recieved the memo - went to the effort of adding some festive spirit to the ride. I think Joan took out the prize for her effort of attaching a number of star decorations to her helmet!

And yes, my finger has blistered and is still sore :(