Saturday, December 18, 2010

Track Racing - Friday 17th December

Three M1 boys headed north to Rocky last nite for Track racing. It was an interesting nite, to say the least.

Having not seen nor rolled on a track for a couple of years now Thunder was some what apprehensive about racing (well, as apprehensive as the King gets about these things!!) at the start of the nite. The first race soon ended all of those fears - a 20 lap combined A/B scratch race. Unable to shake the King from his wheel - until the final two laps - the Big Boppa came home in a very credible 4th place. The King came across the line to claim an unexpected victory for the opening event.

That was it for the King. He retired for the nite whilst he was ahead!
The Big Boppa rode on (extremely well!!) and picked up a 2nd, 1st and another 2nd for the remaining races. In the final race of the nite, a combined A/B/C scratch race, the Big Boppa jumped from the pack at around the half way mark and completely destroyed the bunch once they decided to chase. There were riders all over the track. I think M1 is developing a very good track rider in the young Big Boppa..... watch this space.
Aussie Kev (or should that be TinTin??) racing in C grade has found a new lucky racing shirt and walked away with two wins (wink wink) for the nite.
Make sure you mark out Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of January for the Rocky Cup. Aussie Kev, the Big Boppa and Thunder will all be racing, flying the M1 flag.