Friday, December 10, 2010

The Trackie Ride

Last nite I think everyone in the bunch was grateful to make it home in one piece. For some reason the streets were full of cars and pedastrians (hey Pyney!!!) who were intent on running us down, side swiping us or just giving us a spray.

It all started at the first roundabout on Tank street, continued at the lights on Hanson Road and again going through the marina - it was just FULL ON!!! Good thing Pyney was with us to keep the pedastrians under control. You gotta watch them lot.

On a more lighter note, Brownie - Still got to get a blog name for you - was in full track stance mode at the Hanson Road lights on every lap. You're one of the best I've seen Rob - I wonder where you got those skills from???

Be warned, next week the King is going to be laying down the law to the people of M1 land who turn up for the Thursday nite FLOAT!!!!!!! It is a float guys, not a hammer session!!!