Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Ekky Rider Ride

When I first started riding with Matty - many moons ago - the weekly program was as follows: Monday - no ride. Tuesday - about 30k, paceline was over the marina bridge and straight out to Spinnaker. Wednesday - laps around J Hickey. Thursday - no ride. Friday - no ride. Saturday - 60k out to Targinnie and back. Sunday - 60k roll around the block at bunter pace.

You mite be thinking what the heck does that have to do with the Sunday morning ride? Well, I'll tell you. Matty and I were on the bikes at 4am. Within 5k we had already past SpyCat heading in the opposite direction. The Dominator was the next to be spotted doing one legged pedalling. Boki was spotted getting some ekky miles in over Sumo. Ben 10 and Dark Horse rode in from Tannum at the "leisurely" pace of 35k/hr to meet the bunch at Bunnings. After Maccas LG, Bushy and Woody headed out around the block for another 60ks after the bunch ride.

It appears that the bunch we have now has gone training mad!!! There are ekky riders sneaking in ekky k's all over the place!! I think the saying "you snooze, you lose" is probably going to be pretty applicable to racing this year.

Anyway, another BIG bunch turned up this morning. Its' that big that if you time it right, you only manage one turn at the front. And if you time it really right, that turn is a tail wind, flat section. Not that I would be trying to do that of course!

Congratulations to Maree - Blog name needed here - who completed her first bunch ride on the solo bike (even if she did sneak in a carbo shot at the start of the ride!!!).

Thanx to SpyCat for the lead out coming into the kick. No thanx to Bloomers and the Doctor who came right over the top of us at the end!

Thunder has called another coo about the Sunday morning coffee shop. No more maccas. The King will be heading to Craigs Bakery at Sunvalley on Sunday's as well.

Has anyone seen Bruce yet?