Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Great Sock Debate

I missed the bunch ride yesterday, so nothing to write about there. I'm supposed to be putting something on the blog about paceline ettique (spell check please!) and only having a single line when you stop pulling turns, to help prevent confusion, but that's a bit grumpy for this time in the morning. I've also got to put a post on that the Trek Package Deal is up and running again, but I can't remember all the details (I know its the Skye and the 3500).

So instead, I'll go for something trivial.

My favourite socks at the moment are Rhonde socks (available at M1 of course!). For me, they're long - they cover up a good portion of my little legs. In the mornings when I put them on, I can see Matty seething at me across the table. He hates long socks. So, I just pull them up a little higher....

Long socks, like the pros, or short socks.... what's your preference?