Sunday, January 23, 2011

The New Trek

Here she is. My new baby. I am biased - I know that, I'm admitting that from the get-go.

When Zulu asked me this morning how the bike was going I responded that it was a great ride. Zulu kindly reminded me that I'd probably never had a "bad" ride as far as bikes go. Having ridden Treks for the past 6 and a half years, I guess he's right.

Kermie was a 2010 5 series Madone. A sweet ride. This one is a 2011 6.2 Project One Madone. A custom job right down to the 38cm carbon blade bars, the white carbon head stem and of course the paint work.

How does she ride? Sweeter than sweet. Every element of this bike in every way is responsive - It wants to go fast, it wants to go up hills and it wants to feel smooth. I'm impressed. This is definately by far my favourite Trek Madone - and I've only had her for a few days! Here's to a very happy year of riding for me!