Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Rolling Ride

Sometimes our alustrious leader just really doesn't know when to shut his mouth. One such occassion was this morning before the bunch split when he picked up a big piece of wood and started bashing Dark Horse and Zulu with it for going to slow up the hill. Everyone else in the pack knew that them were fighting words from the King, but do you think that shut him up - NO WAY. Everyone else in the pack knew that it was gonna be on as soon as the Zulu had a chance to flex. We didn't have to wait long.

For the hitters we ended up averaging 35.1k/hr from the start of the ride to the Historical Village. I'm pretty sure that is just about a record??? Any confirmations? I claimed the sprint at the HV. I won't mention that none of the boys wanted to play. Total average for the whole ride was just over 33k/hr.

A big thanx has to go to the Dominator and his parents for shovelling the dirt at the other side of the Calliope River crossing.

After River Ranch the Zulu and the King were still at it. Punishing themselves and the rest of us across Shillings lane. And so it was to be, for the rest of the ride. To add insult to injury, when at the Bakery (our new fav hang out) Zulu proclaims that he was just out for a "roll", smelling the flowers and watching the beautiful sunrise ..... yeah rite!

Pyney and Jackie took the tandem around the block with the bunch but were off the back before we had gotten to far. More pedal power needed next week guys!

Excellant ride guys. See you all at Bunny's at 5:30am tomorrow. Lay off the coffee today Sweeny Tood - that was the worst excuse I've ever heard!