Saturday, January 15, 2011

The So Many Names Ride

Today there were so many names I put together for this mornings ride that it just didn't seem fair to choose one over the other! "The No Maccas Ride", "The Controlled Paceline Ride", "The MARTIN! Ride", "The Custard Arse Ride", "The, I Didn't Break The Chair Ride"...... and the list could go on all day!

Big numbers rolled out this morning. I counted 22 + stragler Dark Horse, Sumo and Boki. Thunder and I were doing a bit of work on Pyney the Piker before the ride but were unable to convince him to turn right at Yarwun on the grounds that "who will look after the bunters?". Sounded like a cop out to me Pyney!!!

Well done to Adam "Who", who got his butt over Church Hill on the return from Targinnie with the Hitters. For the second week Dr Who went rite and completed the full block ride!

Apparently the roll across the way was to be - and I quote - A controlled paceline. Yeah rite. Thunder did enough talking about the paceline after the historical village... I don't think I need to mention it again here!

With no Maccas, the troops called a coo and headed to the local Craigs Bakery for a brew. There was just NO WAY we were heading home without a coffee after the smash! Um, someone broke something at the bakery, but we won't name names on the blog for fear of damaging his perfect reputation!!

Whilst at the Bakery, it was also decided that the Saturday rides will now finish at Craigs Bakery on Sunvalley Road from here onwards. As for Sundays, the bunch isn't quite decided.

A great ride everyone. And here's a tip. If you laugh while you ride - you don't feel the pain! True story!