Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuesday Morning Sprint King

Everybody is talking about the new kid on town (they should write a song with those lyrics, nah it wouldnt sell anyway, or while the king was looking down, the jester stole his thorny crown, nah that wouldnt sell either).

I must say I was very impressed by Brad (grainfed, big boppa) out kicking all of us into spinnaker park on tuesday morning. Believe me, I was sitting in the box seat, never pulling a turn the whole way, I watched how it unfolded. There were excuses going everywhere!

My legs wouldnt work after a big holiday and had to sit on, LG pulled the old "flat tyre" trick... AGAIN! The zulu's rear motor wouldnt fire, bushy said he led out the kick, the old fossil went AWOL before the ride started- thats another story for another day (no lights, no ride boys and girls), and Big Fergie, I think that I was fighting him for last wheel calling in. The blog mistress was seen going the opposite way to the pack, stopping for mick with the flat tyre. Stu had a few to many beers over the festive season, stacking on 7kg. If we have missed anyone, please post your excuses as to why you couldnt beat the big boppa over the line!

On a more positive note, de Bruce was caught doing sneaky squirrel training sessions on the haddock extension. Has anyone seen those calves on de Bruce? Ripped and tanned... or perhaps many hours sunbaking or a lot more bottles of bronze solution.

My tip for 2011- Watch out for de Bruce, and Grainfed. These two are going to give out some beatings!