Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wot Da Ride

I got out of bed this morning, smelt the roses along the way to the ride, cruised around the block in perfect conditions, had a fantastic time and enjoyed a wonderful brew at the bakery.

I wish.

This morning was one of those rides where you wished you stayed in bed - there was bad ju ju everywhere. One of the natives in a ute decided to get friendly with the bunch at Stickmakers. That went well.

Sweeny Todd decided to turn right at Yarwun, but his bike thought it was a bucking bull and had convulsions - throwing Sweeny Todd and all of his bling to the bitumen. Good thing all that bling wasn't scratched Sweeny.

SpyCat decided that she would take a Wallaby on at Church Hill - a VERY near miss indeed. The tandem terrors went bush due to oncoming traffic and scored a puncture for their efforts. SpyCat made it another 100m down the road before she too scored a flattie.

Ben 10 was nearly collected for the second time by a local native around at Emmadale estate, but luckily came out of this one unscathed.

It was just as well that Craig's was open for a brew today to finish the ride - And it appears that pies have become the recovery food of choice for riders at the bakery. I don't know how you stomach it!