Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Bed Sock Ride

Somehow Whiffo forgot to take his bedsocks off this morning before he came for the bunch ride. I thought BSB was bad with the sock thing, but Whiffo this morning just took the cake! Good thing you didn't come to the coffee shop Whiff - you and your socks would have been plastered all over the blogsite by now!!! Classic.

I think there was a little confusion at the Yarwun turnoff this morning - Thunder, Zulu, Bam Bam, Darkhorse and SpyCat all went left...... What was the go with that??? Sounds like there must have been a bit of phoning around in advance to organise the left turn rebellion???

The Hitters were actually pretty controlled this morning and the ride was pretty much uneventful except for Ray's Brothers acrobatic display in front of the entire bunch at the Calliope River Sand Bed. Doh!! You really should do those things when you're at the back of the pack Russ!!
Coming along Kirkwood all I could hear was my phone texting.... what's this Fabian at the brew shop!!!!! Oh man, shame he was gone by the time I got there.... maybe tomorrow!!