Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Flat-Fest Ride

Today's ride shall forever be known as the Flat-Fest ride. And Auckland hill is no longer, Auckland hill - it is Flat-Fest hill.

In the space of 100m the bunch suffered 4 flatties. At the bottom of the hill, SpyCat blew first. Thunder explained the anti-discrimination rules of flatties in the M1 bunch to the new riders at the top of the hill before we crusied down to help out SpyCat. Girls = the bunch pulls up. Boys = we'll see you at the brew shop!!!
Johnno was the next one to puncture, with a double whammy whilst we were waiting. Good thing we had a bike shop owner and a bike mechanic in the bunch to work out how to use the gas cylinder!! Flat Bar guy - Andrew I think??? - had an absolute screamer of a time getting his tube reinflated. We even got proof!

When we eventually got going - 15 minutes later - the paceline was an absolute shocker and just about everyone went home early.

Bet you're glad you risked getting your butt wet for this mornings smash Floyd!!!