Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Gone Fishin' Ride

Another excellent day for riding. About 16 turned up at Bunny's at 5:30am, including Darryl's wife from the Sunny Coast Monica. Monica has a really really nice Colnago (serious bike envy!!).

Try Smurf was late. Try Smurf thinks that because he lives near Kirkwood road, he doesn't have to get up early to meet the bunch at Bunny's. His reasoning - What's the point of riding all the way down Kirkwood to turn around and ride all the way back???? Um, I don't know Try Smurf....

Now, the bakery. 7 pies in total were consumed by those who went to the bakery. I don't know if you can really class Dark Horse's attempt at a pie as an actual "pie". More of a "petit miam" pie if you ask me. Next week, Dark Horse is going for the Babychino to match his petit miam pie!
Oh, and Petit Miam is French for yummy pie :)