Saturday, February 5, 2011

The It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later Ride

Sitting at the bakery after this mornings ride, with lovely wet socks and a face sprayed with mud, I was listening to the stories being told about the bunches biggest crash to date that happened along Targinnie Road on the Hitters Ride.

Now I'm a pretty trusting sort of person, usually believing most things that I get told. But something caught my attention about these stories. "Supposedly", there was a wallaby. However, no one in this BIG bunch of about 15 "supposedly" reasonably intelligent blokes in lycra actually "saw" this wallaby in the flesh. Sound suspicious???? It did to me - kind of like in Madagascar where the pengiuns pop out of the ground and say to Marty "You didn't see anything".......

Wallaby or no wallaby - LG has a pretty ferral looking shoulder and one really sad looking face. Bushy has a bit of bark missing, a stuffed pair of shoes and a cracked frame. Jason from Emerald will probably never ride with us again and will be sore tomorrow. Ben 10 is trying to destroy his spare bike but once again, his skin came out of things pretty unscathed!

Thanx for the tow into town Wazza - see I didn't forget you!