Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Name Dropper Ride

This mornings ride was off to a good start. A flattie by Roxan in the first 2ks. I thought it was going to be a very long trip to the coffee shop - fortuntately I mistaken! A few new riders in the pack this morning - Drewe and Rodger.

It appears that the sprint for the coffee shop is going to wind up from when the bunch goes through the lights at Phillip St and onto Sunvalley Road. More of a time trial than a sprint if you ask me! New boy Drewe is responsible for this mornings wind up.

Well done to Lisa who stuck to the back of the pack over all the climbs this morning - keep turning up Lisa and I assure you it will get easier!

At the bakery we were joined by a couple of big names - Cadel Evans and Robbie McEwen. Not sure that Bob spelt his name right though for his coffee order. I wonder who will turn up for next Sunday's ride.... Andy Schleck??? Fabian Cancerella??? Maybe even Lance himself.....