Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Pie and Sauce Ride

Right from the get go this morning something was a little different in the pack. The numbers were down - only around 17 or 18, there was a bit of wind and it was definately heaps cooler than the last few weeks. Even the pace was off as we headed out to Yarwun!!

The hitters were more than a little tentative this week as we headed out to Targinnie. It didn't stop Zulu and Bam Bam from lighting up the tandem and peeling a few bananas on Church Hill and out to the turn around. According to Zulu, Bam Bam had a score to settle after Thursday nites ride. You go Bam Bam!!

As we rolled down De-Brief hill we came across Wazza, Ron, Bloomers and Pyney on the side of the road. At first glance it just looked like the boys had pulled up for a picnic. But then we noticed Pyney was covered in red sauce - which would have gone really well with the pies everyone ate at the bakery!! Pyney had come a cropper in a big way having clipped the wheel in front. Ouch ouch ouch - even Pyney's socks were soaked with sauce! It was (another) trip to the hospital for Pyney.

According to Wazza, Smithy also went over the handle bars before the Yarwun turnoff after he blew a front tyre. Sweeny Todd was there to pick up the pieces..... actually, I wonder if Sweeny Todd has been making pies for the bakery????