Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Wet Day in Paradise

First of all, we have to have a talk about the softest crash in the history of M1 Land. Does anyone hear that the Dom went down? Yup! Last tuesdays smash, just next to Chanel College. Rumour has it that everyone saw and pointed to a huge piece of polly pipe on the road, well, almost everyone aye Dom... Atleast your Lazer helmet with a 99.9% silver tension wire came out of it fine.

This mornings ride started off sweet. The rain looked like it had passed, and it was bound to be a perfect tuesday morning, with a perfect paceline. That didnt last long at all. Coming onto Hanson road for the second time, it started to drizzle, and things were looking bad. Coming off sticmakers roundabout the rain came down quicker then Dom on a tuesday morning...

With Matty, Kate and I cutting it left at the coalport roundabout, the rest went straight. Who won the kick? Also, Ray got a flat.