Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Catch Up Post

Sorry guys, I've been super busy in the world of reality with not much time to post on the blog.

Let's see, the weekend just gone was all about ConcreteCat. On Saturday it was her birthday - ConcreteCat is officially a Vet rider now.... but it is known that ConcreteCat has an Elite license for this year, which is great to see. On Sunday's ride it was flats galore for ConcreteCat - 3 in total before the Bakery stop.

This weekend will be the LAST of the Saturday morning block rides for this season as the road season kicks off next weekend with the Time Trial in Rockhampton and a Criterium somewhere on the North Coast.

It looks like this year the racing schedule is going to be a bit of a mix-up combination - just like a packet of MnM's - with some racing on Saturdays and some on Sunday's. There are also 5 races scheduled for Gladstone including the Calliope to Bilo in July, which is great news for us.