Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Ride- 1st of March

This mornings ride was not as big of a turnout as usual, but the pace was still hot. I honestly think Chrissy A and Sweeney Todd were on a personal mission to cause some pain.

Ride of the day would have to go to Ron and Kel. Ron made it all the way to chappel street without missing a beat, and Kel, what can I say? YOU had Bushy and I worried in the Coinslot Sprint.

The rest of the ride went well, with only Myself, Kel, Bushy and Dom doing the hills. Coming through Beecher was full of attacks, sprints, and heavy gears. Talk about being in the box!

For some reason we got into our heads that we NEEDED to follow bushy up the Haddock extension for the second time... yeah, I know...

The ride finished with another attack filled pace through Glen Eden, and backing off at the Ten Pin Bowls Centre.

Wait, almost forgot. I am officially, the new Sprint King!