Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Burn Out Ride

It was beginning to feel a little like Christmas - I mean winter - on this mornings ride.... there was a bit of nip in the air. From the looks of Zulu at the start of the ride, anyone would have thought that it actually was winter - arm warmers, longsleeve undershirt and skullcap to-boot!! And I thought your name was Zulu Warrior not Zulu Pansie!!!!

The cooler weather seemed to have dragged the big guns out of the woodwork for the town circuit this morning which made for great pacelining - except for the wind up for the kick when the bunch was pulling around 50k+ from the Stickies roundabout - that wasn't great, that was just pure painful!

The Snowman and Whiff had a few extra friends this morning for the jaunt around the block. According to Ray's Brother - it was 12 degrees across the way..... getting nip, nip, nippy.

Once again Peter was caught digesting one of his daily fruit serves at the bakery........ Are you sure there was banana in that?????