Monday, April 4, 2011

Dutton Cycles Open Criterium Race

First things first, NEVER believe Matty when he says something will be easy. Because sure as hell it's gonna be completely opposite.

This circuit had everything, tight corners, uphill sprint to the line and very windy.

I tried to stay out of trouble as much as I could, but worrying that no one would cover the breaks, I was quick to cover every move.

To make a long story short, there was a break away that held us off for a while, and with 4 laps to go i managed to hang in with the chasing bunch while we pulled in the break. Somehow, I managed to pull 2nd place in the finishing sprint. I took home a total of $350. The money was good, but im not sure if the pain was worth it.

Lew brang home a firm second place in his race.

Staying in the top 5 for the majority of the race, Lew missed the break away, and was not looking good at all.

Lew showed exactly why he is one of the best pursuitests in the country. Putting his balls on the line and jumping off the chasing pack, he pulled a 5second gap over 4 laps. Avoiding a near crash on the last corner of the last lap, he grabbed a great second, and possibly the race of the day.

I finally got to see Matty in a Masters A race. It did not look enjoyable at all.

All you could see was SUFFER printed accross his forehead. With a break away of 3 riders that held the pace to the end, the race was for 4th place was on.

The last 2 laps came very quickly, and all we could see was matty slowly moving up the pack, but it was just not ment to be, the majority of the pack rolled over the line.