Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farewell To A Legend

When I first started racing around 7 years ago, there was another Gladstone rider who was racing in the same division as me in Rocky. What made this other rider so special was the fact that he was old enough to be my grandfather!!! And I certainly mean that with the utmost of respect for his name was Brian Hayden.

In his prime, Brian was a State and National champion on the bike and would often tell us cycling tales from his past during the many Sunday rides that he joined us on. Sadly over recent years Brian has had to stop riding as much as he would have liked and we haven't seen too much of him.

Brian and his wife Joan have just recently moved to Warwick and stopped in to say their farewell's to Matty at the shop.

I can only hope Brian that when I am half your age I'm still able to ride my bike as well as what you did those first few years we raced in Rocky. You are a living legend.