Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On A Ride To Nowhere

After spending a quillzillion hours in the car travelling way way west on Friday, we arrived at our destination of choice - Mt Isa. Saturday we unpacked the bikes and headed out on a road which Matty described as "flat" towards Dajarra - You'll need to google this place, cause it's in the middle of whoop whoop - seriously!!!

Now we in Glad Vegas often complain about the dog trailer trucks when they come past, but I can tell you that these puppies have nothing on the bad boys that sneak up on you on a road that's no wider than the Targinnie strip - you literally get off the road and off your bike in the dirt! We were lucky enough to have not 1 but 3 road trains come past in the 60ks. They even have signs to warn you... it just would have been nice if Thunder had of given me a heads up before the ride!!

Good thing it was a great ride hey Matty ;)