Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ray's Wrap up- Round 3 Of The Dirtclowns XC Series

Well much better conditions than last race, cooler & less humidity. The usual gang turned up on the start line, myself & all the rocky boys along with Ivan from gladstone & another from tannum sands.

On the start i fumbled a bit before getting my left shoe clipped in, Joel Robbinson actually told me to hurry up & clip in. As i did not get my usual fast start, Joel got away in the lead & I slipped back to 4th for a bit then moved up to 3rd (behind Dave i think) then a bit further on I passed him & moved to second place.

By the time we hit the start of the single trail, Joel seemed to be in great form & moved out of sight fairly quickly so i just got on with it. Track was in very good condition with a just moist surface.

Positions stayed the same up front for 1st, 2nd & most of the 3rd lap when some one behind me gained accross, I think i might have slackened off a bit, thinking I was in a safe 2nd & got caught out.

I made a few silly mistakes & dropped the bike a couple of times, it turned out to be Martin Trethowan (one of the rocky boys i think ) who had closed up behind me. He followed me around most of the 3rd lap before passing me just before the start of the last lap (4th) & that is how we finished. Joel robinson in 1st, Martin in 2nd & myself in 3rd. Everyone else came home in dribs & drabs untill they all finished.

So now after 3 rounds i have had a 1st, 2nd & 3rd. I now sit 2nd in the points in the elite class. Next event is the 6 hr on 7th May, hope to see a good roll up of riders from gladstone like last year.

catch ya later,