Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Update Post

Lot's of news to post today on the M1 blog - can't give you any pictures at the moment due to some minor technical issues (namely the fact that I have no idea how to download pictures from my new phone!!!). The biggest news is probably Jordy's broken limbs. At BMX training on Wednesday nite, young Jordie came a busta in a major way and broke both arms and his ac joint. He looks pretty scarey with his arms plastered from fingertip to shoulder. And I thought riding on the road with cars was dangerous! Happy Birthday to Grainfed - he turns the big 19 today!!! You should put a lotto ticket in with that number Braddo. Zulu had a tough day in the tandem time trial down south. In his own words "John and I only managed 4th. One of the other Pilots used to ride with Wormy in Belgium. We are only outclassed in strength, equipment and bike handling. Other than that we are looking good". Tomorrow the boys are tackling the road race, around 90ks I think. North in the burbs of Rocky, Concrete Cat, LG and the Dominator tackled the 20k individual time trial. On the out and back course, LG finished 3rd in A grade, Concrete Cat placed 2nd in B grade and we think the Dominator came 2nd or 3rd in C grade - we could confirm The Dom's placing if he actually answered his phone for once! Whiffo and the Snowman were the only two riders to head around the block this morning. Tomorrow's ride will roll out of Bunny's at the usual time of 5:30am. Hopefully there are a few more riders than what there were today. Next weeks race in Rockhampton is at Cawarral. Bring your hurt legs. A grade have 4 laps - 88ks. B grade have 3 laps - 66ks and C grade 2 laps - 44ks. Keep your eyes posted to the blog during the week in case there are any last minute changes.