Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Weekend Coming

Get your kits on people cause there's an awful lot of riding happening this weekend....

Saturday morning kicks it off with the bunch ride leaving Fordy's at 5:30am. If you're up for a bit of distance, the Snowman and Whiffo are still heading around the block at 4:45am leaving from Hungries.

Saturday afternoon there is a MTB ride leaving from the Choice Petroleum on Sunvalley Roundabout at 3pm. The boys will be heading to the Sunshine track for around an hour in preparation for the Dirt Clowns 6 hour race next weekend in Rocky.

Sunday morning, the Bunny's ride is on leaving again at 5:30am (Bunnings Carpark). I can assure you Red Rocket that you won't be on your own this week!!

If you're keen for a race this weekend then Monday is the day for you. The Labour Day handicap is on in Rockhampton. Racing starts at 8:30am - its about 40ks, its flat and its as hard as hell. Go to the Rocky website if you want more info.

Otherwise, for those of us not racing, there will be an EASSSSSSSY float around town leaving Fordy's at 6:00am (there you go everyone - a sleep in!!). We may have to call a maccas clause on this one as I don't believe our regular brew shop bakery will be open????

Enjoy the weekend guys.... oh, hang on - its only Thursday!!!!