Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There was once upon a time where every time I came to the finish with the main pack I would get a place. Not these days. Now I just go as glorified pack fill. Just making up the numbers so that everyone else can have a race.

Saturday morning at 7.30 am the criterium kicked off. If your new to the "crit" scene, 30 minutes plus 2 laps sounds easy, right? No.

The plan was to try and hold top 10 in the bunch at all times without actually going to the front, it's way too windy up there for me.

With 30 minutes down and the last 2 laps to, the hammer went down. Here I am getting pushed around like a skinny kid in the tuckshop line, TRYING to hold my position. Now with 1 an a half laps to go, I have found myself fully exposed to the wind, I am lactating to the max and looking for someone to give me a break from all this wind.

The end result was as you all thought. Pack Fill. I couldn't hold my position in the pack when it counted. So I paid the price for it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. There are 3 things that everyone should know about sprinting. POSITION POSITION POSITION.

Sunday came around too fast. Thinking back to last years 96 km road race where the Zulu placed 6th. He rode way above himself. As for me, DNF'd after 2 of the 4 laps on offer.

But today was was going to be differnt. Tim Delgleish rode off the frount in the first 600m. Yours truly went for a stroll down the road with him. God dam that choice hurt. After 16 km Timmy was getting tired of asking me to pull a turn. Luckily he backed it off to about 34 kmph untill the main bunch caught us. I would have been dropped if he didn't do that.

After lap 2, six riders road off the front and were never seen again. As every time the bunch would try an chase it got shut down. But thats racing. When your sitting on the back of a 40+ rider bunch, it's absolutely none of my busness what goes on up in the engine room.

All as I wanted to do was get through the hills on lap 4. And I did. Get to the finish line in the pack. And I did. Have a quick wash off a feed and injoy the 7 hour drive home. Which I did.

There is nothing like the drive home after 3 hours of hammering. We are always asked why we do it? There is only one simple answer. Because we love it. Wether it be a road race, the Noosa 100 mile or lining up for the sprint on Sunday to be first in line at the coffee shop. We dont just like it, we LOVE it!

Just one final note. I have always thought that Powermeters and GARMIN's as such were all a load of BS. Not now I say. As I am now the proud owner of a GARMIN edge 800. Mate, it has that much BS in it, it is unbelievable. Now, when I download my training rides or races, I am greeted with tall this BS, it excites me! I have all this information that I wouldn't have a clue what to do with, its BS! I love the GARMIN, I just don't know how to use it.