Sunday, May 1, 2011

The 5 to 4 Ride

Finally, after seven years of riding in Gladstone the girls outnumbered the guys on the ride this morning!!!!! Well, for a little while anyway..... until the Zulu and Compedo turned up. For those of you who don't know, Compedo (as we found out at the brew shop) is actually Italian for Peter - true story.

At the start of the ride at Bunny's, Rocket had the best ever comeback to the King when he made comment that Rocket, Red Fox and Tom Tom couldn't ride with the carbon club. It was an absolutely corker!! And for once, the King was speechless - whilst we were all having a good ol' chuckle.

BSB finally came out of the woodwork this morning and will be in charge for tomorrow's 6:00am float. I hope you're at home practicing your bark BSB, it was a little off key at the brew shop this morning!

Best of luck to everyone that's racing tomorrow.... the trash talk and alliance forming has already started. According to LG he's looking forward to catching the front markers tomorrow.... you'll need to outpace the pack of Redskins drafting behind Chief "Big" Redskin. "How???" - said the Redskins.

Remember Dominator, tomorrow's race is an out and back course. No turns required!!