Saturday, May 7, 2011

The 6hr MTB Ride

At the time of posting, there is still roughly 40minutes left to run for today's 6hr MTB race in Rockhampton..... for some.

From the looks of this photo from ThunderCam, it appears that the Zulu has in fact "done a Zulu". For those of you who weren't around - or who were living under a rock - when the Zulu philosophy was aired on the blog, it goes a little something like this.... The Zulu is a warrior. When he sets out for a run or a ride, it is flat out for as long as the maximum pace can be sustained. Once maximum pace can no longer be sustained, you turn around and walk home. True story.

Results will be posted when known. Be sure to be on tomorrow's Bunny's ride to find out all the goss. This means you Croz!!!!!