Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Haddock Does The Bunch Ride

There's no race at Yarwun today but Grainfed is taking a ride from the shop at 2pm this afternoon - not sure what it involves so you may want to contact the shop if you want more details.

By the time the bunch ride had even started a few riders had clocked up a few k's - most notable was Zulu, doing the block before the 5:30 start. It turns out that 4 riders went around the block this morning - none riding beside each other!!

By the time the bunch had finished the paceline, it had doubled in size - that's without the concrete truck that decided he wanted to rotate a couple of turns with us along Hanson Road! That was a little scarey.

Ben 10 may be an axe on the bike, but he climbs like me when it comes to eating cream donuts - you are a disgrace in the cream donut eating arena Ben 10 - you should stick to what you do best!!

Don't forget tomorrow is Long Sock Ride day...... Thunder won't need long socks, his legs will already be warm from the "massage oil" he purchased yesterday !!