Monday, May 2, 2011

The Labour Day Handicap

I don't think we could have had better conditions for this mornings handicap race in Rocky if we had of asked for it. Absolutely perfect.

Full credit to every M1 rider who raced today - Thunder, the Dom, LG, Grainfed and SpyCat. No M1 rider started higher than Cotton Wool Club - which was myself and the Dom - with a handicap of around 16 minutes 30. SpyCat was in the group behind on Chopping Block and LG, Grainfed and Thunder made up the following bunch on Scratch.

In the end, only two of the front markers stayed off the front with all of the remaining bunches being mowed down by Chopping Block and Scratch. Thunder came home for 5th place - 3rd in the bunch kick and Grainfed claimed 6th place. SpyCat took out the first unplaced female rider and undoubtly had the ride of the day out of all the M1 riders.

Thunder claimed fastest time of the day and openly admits that without Grainfed and LG dragging his "fat bum" to the finish he wouldn't have averaged the 42k/hr it took to get the prize. In true sprinter fashion Thunder hasn't stopped whinging since we left Rocky - apparently there is no other place than 1st if you are sprinter - anything less doesn't rate!!