Friday, May 27, 2011

The Thursday Floaters and The Weekend That Will Be

Another thursday float ride has just come an gone. I would say it was a perfict night for riding. Not to cold. Not to windy. Just right. Big thanks to LG in regards to last weeks bus roadrage. Did anyone noitice how far that bus went around us last night? Like, man! You could have fitted another bus in between. All in all it was one tidy bunch. We looked like bike riders. A wise person once said- "Fake it til' ya make it!" Good to see the Snow Man coming through for some turns.

On another note. Racing is out at Yarwun tomorow. Make sure you are there before 2 pm. Brad will be riding from the shop at 1pm if anyone is keen to ride out there. It is a 50km handicap race. It will be very interesting to see how it unfolds. The Dom is in full psych mode for this one. Im putting my money on the scratchies catching aswell.

Hey, maybe I am a bit one eyed. But I could never gloat about winning a handicap if I started on an easy mark and the back markers never caught. So, to anyone who knows they can be put back further, say someting! It makes the racing oh so much better, and you actually feel good about yourself, win or lose.

So bring it on Saturday. Dont forget if anyone has a roady an wants to have a go at racing. You can get a day licence for about $50 (day licence- $33, nomination fee- $10, transponder hire- $5).

For me, I'm heading to Brisbane for the Metros criturium tomorrow. It will be 30 minutes of full gas and max pain, then two laps of a little push an shove as i'll make my way to the front to win the sprint. Hopefully I can get myself to end in the pointy end of the bunch all in one piece...

And yes LG I will only ride to win. See you in Bundy bro.