Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Weekend Roundup

It was a huge weekend in m1 land, with riders travelling to one side of the state to the other, all in the name of cycling.

Zulu, Bam Bam, Dark Horse and Rays Brother all headed South for the Noosa Century Ride.

Well done to all the M1 Riders for completing the 160km ride.

Matty, Kate and Ben 10 all went North to Mackay for the Rogers/ O'Meara Memorial Handicaps. First race was taken out by Macca from rocky, and not a bad effort from Ben 10 who came in a smooth 13th place. The second day didnt go so well for the scratchies, with one of the front markers taking out the win.

Matty could not even begin to describe how painful the racing was on the weekend. I believe it went a little bit like this, "I couldn't even pull turns with those guys, and this was before the scratchies caught us! We came around this corner, and I herd Wormy yell out "LIGHT IT UP!", and that was it, gone."

This Weekends racing is at the Metros in Brisbane. Matty and Zulu are looking to improve on last years results. Matty aiming for something better then 4th in the Crit, and Marty 6th in the Road race. Incase anybody doenst know what the metros Road Race is like, it's similar to the River Ranch Hills Circuit, only longer.

Club racing aswell is at Yarwun this weekend, and I believe that we have a commisaire for this one.