Monday, May 30, 2011

Yarwun Race - 28th May

With only 7 riders from rocky and 11 from gladstone turning up for this weeks race at Yarwun, it was not looking good. Fortunately all the riders turned a bad situation into good, and made an excellent day of racing.

LG and I were off chop, and we decided it would be best if we just rolled and waited for Ben 10, Wormy and Macca to catch us. They caught on Yarwun hill, and that is when the pain really started to kick in.

I would just like to point out to everyone, that it was in my training plan NOT to pull ANY turns as I am on a taper for caneland classic. No, not really. I pulled one turn with the scratchies, and that was it. Lactate was through the roof, couldnt spin my legs over. My race was trying to hanging onto the scratchies wheels.

So for the next 48km of the race, I got to see how this race unfolded from the best seat in the house. Macca, Worm, Mick and Ben 10 worked extremely hard to catch everyone infront of us.

Long story short, we caught every rider but 1 by the second lap.

It was that firm, that I had to let Marty go infront of me, just so that I could have just a little more slip from the wind.

The race came down to the last 2 hills very quickly, and we had 10 or so riders hanging on the back of this train. Worm and Ben 10 let the throttle loose on the first hill, shaking most the riders. It came down to the last hill before the downhill straight into Yarwun, and it was just Macca, Marty, Ben, Mick, Worm, Dylan and myself left. Macca gave it a little on the last hill and gave the bunch what for. I'm not to sure on what was happening behind me, or if my story is straight or not but all I can remeber is Marty giving me enough wind break to jump onto Macca's wheel who had jumped down the road, and boy was I in pain...

I sat on Macca's wheel for the last kilometre, trying to stay in his slip so I wouldnt get dropped. We got the front marker 200m from the line.

Even with limited numbers, the race was great. it was fast, it was painful, and we caught everyone.

1st- Brian McLeod, 2nd- Brad Lawlor, 3rd- Andrew Knight, 4th- Dylan Nankeville, 5th- Martin Cooper, 6th- Mick Newell, 7th- Ben wriede, 9th- Chris Hughes, 10th Matthew Tennent. Anyone know who got 8th place?

Well done to everyone who participated, and a big thankyou to all the officials who gave their time and came down from rocky.

Please post up your version of events, because I sure as hell do not remember much.