Monday, June 13, 2011

2011 Tour de Tablelands

Day 2.

Another day up in the far north of beautiful Queensland had the boys and girl slog it out for another stage of the 2011 Tour de Tablelands.

The 75km scratch race came down to a sprint. Dodging a crash just before the 600m uphill sprint finish, Matty "thunder"Jenkin has managed to whip out the goodn's to take home stage 2 of the tour. I rekon he has found that hunger for winning again. How about you Thunder?

Close behind was LG in 4th place.

Catriona came home with the bunch in her 57km scratch race.

The Individual Time Trial in the afternoon was set to put all racers in their place.

LG brang home a solid 6th place. Matty, well... We can all guess how much effort he put into it. I believe Thunder placed DNT. He was also the only rider in the tour to pull up for a toilet break. That took matty from 3rd in the GC to 13th.

Well done guys.