Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Did you know that it takes roughly 21 days to break a habbit. Damn. I only have 19 days to go until i break my habbit. I am trying to get out of the habbit of eating well for 3 days, then blowing it for 1. So far Ive been shmick for 2 days. Lets see how it goes in the next 24 hours.

In this sport of bike racing, weight is everything. Anyone who is over 40 years old, and can keep their weight down, and stay lean has my respect. Man its hard. I am sitting here, looking at my coke and thinking to myself how bad of a drug sugar is, and how hard it is to kick.

Day 2- The Tuesday morning town smash. 26 days to race day.
Awake 3.50 am
Weight 83kg
Food. Meusli with protein powder.
Distance. 70 km. Did a warm up lap around Glen Eden with 3 x 53-14 sprints. Turned up on the bunch ride at 4.45 am. Small bunch. Dave the Dentist, Silent Asassin, Sweeney Todd, Dave from the Gold Coast and Me. I think we only averaged about 37 0r 38 kmph for the paceline. We needed LG with us. And Im not sure how to download my statistics off the Garmin.

If I wasnt so desperate to get some form on board, I would have took the shortcut home. Ended up doing heaven hill plus Haddock drive and the extenson. Through in a few kicks along Kirkwood Rd.

Will head out tonight for the Tuesday night float to roll the snot out of the legs. Maybe 25k. Thinking Snow Man and I can form a team.

Quote of the day- Weight is everything.