Wednesday, June 22, 2011

25 Days... But Who's Counting?

I went out with the Snowman and his bunch for a lap lastnight. Only did 16km to float the legs. Remember, recovery rides are just as important as those smashes.

Day 3- Morning training session then this afternoons smash. 25 days to go.
Awake 4.50am.
Weight 81kg. What the hell! I dont know if the scales are wrong or if I am ment to be 45kg on race day.
I set the ergos up the on Tuesday night. Woke up, had my normal breaky. Meusli with protein and black coffee.

First up, I had to get through 4 sets of 5 minute strengthys at 60 to 70 rpm. Done.
Next was the 20 sets of 30 seconds high cadence work at 115 rpm. Did that in the 53-18. By about number 15 these babys start to get a bit sticky. My total training session was 1 hour and 10 minutes with roll down. Did some core work. Oh yeah... Core is KING! I do core work at least twice a week.

Tonight, I will be trying to get my head around the Wednesday night hell ride. It is the one ride that I am a bit shy of. If you want to know about the Wednesday night hell ride. Turn up and find out.

Hey, I hate hills as much as any sprinter. But if you want to be at the end of a roadrace, and line up for the kick, you first must get yourself over some hills. Weight is everything. So... if your training consists of rolling around the marina, YOU will never be at the end of any road race.

Thunder out.