Friday, June 24, 2011

Do as I say, Not as I do

Yep! I blew the diet. Now I am back to day one again. Where did I go wrong you may ask. It could have been the coke zero, or even the coffee with milk. This is what happens when you run the carby to lean, you blow the big end.

Now, onto the training side of tings. I sort of did the float ride last night. Everything was going good until my old mate Marky Chadwick phoned me. Damn mobiles. Anyway, it turns out that he is starting a new job as a sales representative for Focus Bikes. The Katusha team rode them in the Tour, Robbie McKewan also rode for them last year.

Who is Mark Chadwick you may ask. He is one very good road sprinter. I am pretty sure that Mark won the South Australian criterium series this year. Everyone will know his brother, Glen Chadwick. Glen rides the New Zealand team, Pure Black Racing.

After chatting on the phone and trying to ride my bike at the same time I just rolled back to the shop.

28km.. Ok we will call that one a recovery ride.
Got home, knocked over 2 glasses of red wine on an empty tummy. Made myself a feast. Afer that I started on the LCM bars and any other junk I could find.
Weight- Don't bother.
23 Days to go.

If you want to become a roady, be you have to get off the merry-go-round that I was talking about earlier.

Quote of the day- Do as I say, not as I do.