Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Tour Wrap Up

Day three of the Tablelands Tour and there was a lot at stake.

Thunder had gone from 3rd on GC to 13th with his tremendous effort in the TT. Placing 6th in the TT moved LG up the ranks and into 3rd. The top 4 or 5 placings in B grade were pretty tightly contested at this point in time with mere seconds separating 2nd to 4th placings - it was all going to come down to the final stage - NO PRESSURE.

I know I was feeling the pressure through out the tour. I'd been given the job of Tour photographer and head cheer leader. I'd exhausted myself that much on the first day of racing that I needed a massage in the afternoon, followed by a kinder nap when the TT was on the following afternoon.... we won't mention that countless spa baths I had to take just to recover my legs from all of that pacing I was doing!!

Anyway, let's get serious - back to the final stage. The boys had 93k, SpyCat had 60 something k. I chased B grade out on course during the first hour and at that point there was a break of two riders off the front with about a minutes lead over the main bunch. At the KOM, LG was throwing his bike in desperation to claim the 2 second bonus that was up for grabs in an attempt to protect his 3rd GC place. 10 minutes down the road and SpyCat's grade came flying past in the opposite direction... the tail was up, the head was down and she was still hanging onto the pack.

Having been given instructions to capture the finish for blog purposes I scurried back to the finish to take my place. They had moved the finish line further down the road this year. With about 1000m to go there was an absolute screamer of a downhill section, probably 70+ speed, followed by a false flat of around about 300 - 400m finishing with a another short decent of about 100m to the finish line.

Having left the boys in mid race, I had no idea if the break had been caught or if it had all come together. I was hoping it was together. Why? Well, for almost 8 years I've watched The King race and I know that if it comes down to a bunch kick and if the King's ANYWHERE within koo-eee of the bunch, then he'll take it out. I kidd you not. I've seen him do it sooooo many times before. He becomes a man possessed. Anyway, they closed the road off when the riders hit the 1k mark and the call come out that the bunch was together. As the police vehicle and lead car came over the hill it was only a couple of seconds before the blue helmets of the M1 boys popped over the top. Thunder in the lead, being chased by a Townsville rider who was being snapped at by LG. This is the way the race would finish - M1 First and Third.

On GC, LG retained his 3rd place for the Tour. What more can be said - the training had paid off and LG reaped the rewards of his efforts.

C grade wasn't too far away and it was another big bunch finish. SpyCat was there, chasing the boys down. Another awesome effort from SpyCat in a male dominated Tour. Besides Ruth Corset who was riding A grade in preparation for her return to racing in Europe, SpyCat was the only chick who didn't ride D grade.

That is all. I'm exhausted.