Monday, June 27, 2011

Yarwun Race Day.

I think that everyone would agree with me that we need the blog mistress back on the job.

Saturday was a great day of racing out at Yarwun. What made the day even better was that the usual front markers were back a little further, it was just good to see them getting up a bit. I hate seeing good riders winning a race with an easy handycap.

Another pet hate of mine is looking at dirty bikes on raceday. When I was a little fella playing league in Cloncurry, my dad always made me clean my football boots the night before the game and I always had tape around my socks so they wouldnt fall down.

First time racer Russ had a great ride, coming in top 10. You will have your day in the sun for the Calliope race. The Dominator decided to use his heavier wheels so that he wouldnt get airborn this time. I think it paid off. Old Silent Assassin had a blinder as well. Just needed a bit more strength hey old mate.

As for the Big Bopper an LG. Well... One trained too hard and smoked himself in the race. But don't worry, we will see the results of that one in three weeks time. Did you hear that the other one has a Great Dane now?

If you didnt go Mountain Biking with us on Sunday then you missed out in a great day. We went up on the Sunshine track and smashed out two laps with no stacks. Oh yeah, Brad, I'm right hand rear aswell.