Monday, July 18, 2011


First of all, sorry to everyone that I didn't get their profiles on the blog. Things got a little busy at the shop and one thing led to another. Russ, Dom, Lew and anyone else that I missed, I'm sorry.

Driving out to the race I had an empty feel in my gut. This is be the first year that I have missed this road race. I have never won it before, but it is up there on my bucket list of races that I wanted to win.

We will start first with C grade. This one is pretty hard as I only saw the riders scattered as they were going past me at the top of the range. I thought to myself, hmm, that's Big Lew's race gone. Once again, Lewy pulled that ace from under his sleeve and did what he is best at. Lew time trialed back to the pack. That's what is expected of a National level pursuitest.

The next time I saw the C graders was at the finish line. The finish was taylor made for Lew. Down hill, big gear, DONE! Congratulations Lewy on your win in C grade. Not bad for a 50 plus year old.

Ray, Russ and Dom, you boys can hold your heads high. Next year Dominic will not be mucking around at the range, straight into the big chainring so he won't make the same mistake as sunday.

Dylan Nankeville placed second in his 40km handicap. He was the back marker with the U17 state track rider. Dylan pulled in every rider in the race, but was out done by the sprinter at the line.

As you all know, I wasn't racing. So I arranged to have the best seat in the house, following the B grade race. I was the first follow car with all the spare wheels. Nothing really happened on the way out, a few half hearted attempts to get away. But they were pulled back in by the bunch. As we all know, this race doesn't really start until the range.

Hell yeah, didn't the hammer go down. The boys were going that hard up the range that they were leaning on the corners. Unlike C grade, if you don't get over the range with the main pack. Your never going to get on. Marty and Brad almost paid that price, they were only a few meters off the back and it took them a good 3km to get back on.

Brad was the first to get into trouble, I drove up to him an asked him whats up. He was cramping that and couldn't pedal. His race was over.

About 5 k from the turn Sean and Micky rode off the front. The main bunch made a half hearted attempt to chase. They must have thought that if they left them out there, they will fry, we will pull them in when we want them. That was the mistake of the race. A mistake that they paid for.

1 minute became 2 minutes. The boys had a 2 minute break with 50 km to go. The main bunch were chasing hard but couldn't put a dint into the M1 Cycles team.

30km out, Sean started to cramp badly and lost micks wheel. Sean somehow kept his head on and held the pack off with cramping legs to place 2nd. What a huge effort Sean. You are no longer the Darkhorse, you are now, Horse.

Now call him what you want. LG, The Transformer, Rodent. But don't ever ask him how he is going. Man, he will tell you how many calories he has consumed, how many he has burnt. How many watts he is producing over how many km's, set out in seconds.

Micky is living proof of being hungrier then the next rider. Get one of the best coaches, weigh everything you eat, and be tough, mentaly and physically. You also need to ride the best bicycle on the market, then you can have a chance of doing what Micky did.

Mate your ride was nothing short of fantastic. I just cant say it how I want to. Best you all ask Micky about the race.

I would also like to say that Cameron Jennings did a fantastic job on this rough bit of coal, he somehow turned LG into a diamond.

It was a fantastic day, great turnout, and some great races.