Thursday, July 7, 2011

Darkhorse - Sean Vacher

When someone asks me about Sean, and what sort of bike rider he is, I stop and think for a bit. Do I put him up on a pedestal? Do I tell them that he rides with us a bit? Or do I say what I really think about him?

Sean got his nickname for one reason, and for one reason only.

I always knew that Sean had a big motor, so at Sean's first race in rocky I went up to Mark (Wild Thing) Dunlop - the clubs handicapper. I explained to Mark that this bloke can start with us, he is as strong as hell.

I do this to all the M1 riders - I try to puth them in the appropriate handicap. I threw Sean in the deep end. Long story short. The Zulu put in a turn from hell and busted Sean.

After that race we never saw Darkhorse for a while. My memory is a bit fuzzy, but I do we recall that Darkhorse turned up for the Clubs Time Trial Champs. He won, and has won just about every Time Trial since.

So getting back to the original question about what sort of rider Darkhorse is.

Sean is one of the most physically gifted roadys that I have seen in years. If he decides to put the hammer down hard on the range, then I know for sure that I, and many others won't be able to go with him. Only the best few riders will climb with the Darkhorse.

One of my riding mates said that he would be at the top of the range with Darkhorse. I have $20 in my johnny rocket to say only if he wants you there.

Sean, the main thing that will hamper you in this race is that you dont have enough racing experience on the bike. My best advice for you is to think of it as a training ride, not a race. Don't be at the top of the range with anyone that can sprint. I think you know that one. If you can get in a break with someone like Craig Taylor then the rest of the pack will be racing for 3rd.

I know that Sean will be there at the end of the race for the sprint. What happens after that is how he decides to bring it home.