Monday, July 11, 2011

Matt Jenkin aka- Boonga, Thunder, The King

I can keep this profile short because if you have ever been in earshot of Matty you would have no doubt heard all the stories first hand.

Being a sprinter, I expect to see Matt finishing at one end or the other. He is not likely to cross the line, making up the numbers in the grey area of mid bunch. It will be black or white. Expect a total failure or an outright victory.

One of our fellow competitors summed it up very well a few years ago.

We were all grouped in the start area waiting for a stage race to begin. Matt was some distance off, but he still could be plainly heard explaining the finer points of his race plan. Even though he was talking to a single rider, he had managed to get nearly the whole bunch as his attentive audience. Everything was normal.

A strong GC rider who I was near, (he happens to be on the Calliope Classic start list) pointed at Matt and without any levity, made this comment to his mate.

"That fellow over there … If you come up against him in a sprint, you will not beat him."

I have seen Matt live up to that claim more often than not.

Regarding the Calliope Classic, only a fool would not rate the seasoned vet who has won Masters A races. A vet who has a list of achievements that go well beyond the 6 years I have known him.

I recently heard he took out the overall KOM at the Tablelands tour this year. Not bad for someone who reckons he climbs like a brick.

Good luck to all the competitors and to those that support this great local race.

The Zulu.