Friday, July 8, 2011

Michael Newell - LG The Transformer

If Mick never wins a major open in his life, he will still be a winner. Why did I call him LG the Transformer? First, because he is slightly obsessed with the Garmin cycling computers, and also because of how mick has changed himself, mentally and physically. I have never seen anyone transform themselves so much. Sort of like a fat grub to a butterfly. Mick was over 100kg when he first started cycling, he walked into my shop a few hours ago, and notified us all that he was 75kg.

There is an old saying "If nothing changes, then nothing will change". For all them roadies out there who want to be a better bike rider, or they are sick of doing the same old thing year in, year out, and are getting busted in the same old races, in the same old grade year in, year out, if you want to improve, do what mick does. Do what he says. You will improve.

LG is 100% full on in every way. He does everything 100%. He is coached by Cam Jennings, who I believe one of the best out there. Micky does everything Cam tells him to. When I say everything, I really mean everything.

I believe Mick can win the Calliope Classic road race. Only because it's his time. Mick will climb with the main bunch, not with the best climbers. When the one or two riders get over the hill before the bunch, Mick will be the first one to start the chase, and will catch the riders who dropped him on the hill, if.

Mick has covered all bases. He can go up with the climbers, he can turn on the pace with the drivers, and he can drive them gears with the sprinters.

Mick needs to ride smart, with a brutal race plan. He will have to hold himself back from working too much so that he wont bust himself. He will have to control and use riders to his advantage. The only thing that will bring him undone is if Tucker is there at the end.