Monday, July 4, 2011

Rider Profile - Grainfed

Im going to put a profile of every rider that I know are riding the Calliope Classic road race. The first rider is going to be Brad Lawlor.

Nickname - Grainfed
Height- 186cm
Weight- 88.6kg
Time Riding- 1 year
Strengths- Sprinting / high turn of pace
Bike- Trek 5.5 - Sram Force

Brad is a rider who has come a long way, in such a short time. As my Grandad said to me once, "you can't beat youth", and youth is exactly what Brad has on his side. But he is young. And that is going to be his unfolding.

When Brad was going well he was winning every bunch kick for about a month. I believe if he is there at the end of the Calliope race he could win it. He has a good turn of pace and can hold it. He has something to prove and nothing to loose.

Brad's last race out at Yarwun was nothing short of terrible. So he has a lot of improving to do. I really dont think he will get himself up the hill, if he does, I think he is going to run out of legs on the way home, which I have done plenty of times.

He did impress me in the Canelands tour by never missing a turn at the front. Then riding off the front and having a go on his own a few times.

Best of luck young bull. I dont think this is going to be your time in the sun. As there are fitter and better riders that are going to make it hard for you.