Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Russell Tucker. The Smiling Assassin

Moving onto the big boys now.
Without any doubt, Russell Tucker is my number one choice for the Calliope Classic road race. This is the full package.

You would be sitting at the card table with Tucker. In his hand he would have nothing, but his face would be telling you that he had a fist full of aces. And even if you had all the aces in your hand, you would be too scared to call his bluff.

If any rider turns up in the B grade race thinking that you have it over Russ tacticly, I'm telling you now, stop writing out cheques that you cant cash boy.

I'm not really sure if Russell is fit at the moament. But if anyone can the deliver the goods in this race, it's Tucker. He is going to be stronger, faster, and smarter then the next rider in this race. If he is fit.

Does this race mean anything to me? Hell yeah. I have raced it every year. Fit, fat, sick. I have thrown my cards on the table every year. I have never won it. I am very aware of the names that are racing. I've even thought about taking time off so I could train for this one, but 3 others are already doing this.