Monday, July 4, 2011


Yeah, I have been crook lately, and with being crook, the old head falls off. Sorry for not writing anything on the blog. Even the training has gone out the window up until a few days ago.

Here is a quick run down, just so you all so not miss out on anything.

Saturday was the first day that I have felt half healthy in the last week.

I got up at 4am, on the bike at 4.30am, smacked out a quick hill circuit, turned up for the 5.30am bunch ride. I had all intentions of doing Haddock drive after the town smash, but with Michael Newels influence, I decided to turn left, and go straight to the coffee shop. LG does not think I need hill training.

Saturday afternoon, I went out for 1.5hrs of race- simulated training on my own, aka motor pacing.

Sunday morning my legs were smashed, I just did a 2hr easy recovery ride with the bunch.

This morning I did 20min on the rollers, and a little bit of core work.

Sorry guys, no weight listing today. The scales are ahh... out of order?

So now we only have roughly two weeks to go till race day. An the BS is hotting up, and now it is my turn to spin a little bit more, by putting rider profiles on the blog, telling you all exactly how I think they will go. This is going to be a close one.