Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Silent Assassin. RAY

I first met The Assassin I think it would be about two years ago now. He walked into the shop mumbling on about mountain bike riding over in Collie (WA) and that he had built this 10km mountain bike track. I was thinking. Yah yah yah. Give me a break mate. I built the great wall of china too.

Well to make a long story short. He was right and I was wrong of thinking he was full of S...... .

If anyone has a mountain bike. You would be doing yourself a favor to turn up on a Tuesday night an join Rays MTB ride. They head off to the Sunshine track, where Ray has singlehandedly dug, Wippersnipped, Dragged logs and other bits of timber through the bush to build the best mountain bike track that has ever been built in Gladstone. (EVER).

Ray was just like any of us. (NEW) Ok he had done a little bit of riding. But the thing that I noticed first about Ray was that he hung in there. No matter who was half wheeling him -and Ive seen plenty of riders trying to stick it to him. He just digs a bit deeper and hangs in there. Just looking at this man you might think. "This old bloke wont last long" That will be the first mistake any rider will make this Sunday. The Silent Assassin will wear you down. He will keep coming back.

Mate I really think You can win the King of the mountain in C grade. Its just the final sprint that has me worried, as turn of pace is not one of your strengths. Just a bit of advice for you. (Dont befriend any sprinter this sunday) They only have one thing on their minds - And that is crossing the finish line first.